Tomato, Avocado & Pancetta on Toast

Usually at the weekend, I like to do something a bit special for our breakfast.  During the week its mostly whatever we can grab.  Todd always does his oats and I usually have my raisin bran.  We’re both happy with this situation. 

We both have busy days and not a lot of time to sit and relax over a cooked breakfast during the week.  I once heard someone say that retirement was a myth and I have to agree. Since we both quit work, our time seems to evaporate.  I ofttimes find myself wondering how I ever got done what I did when I was working because I don’t seem to be able to get a fraction  of the things done that I want to do!

Anyways, this was a rather convoluted way to get around to telling you about this tasty breakfast dish wasn’t it!  DUH!  (Maybe that’s why I don’t get things done.  I am too busy taking the long way around!)

Tomato, avocado and pancetta are a trinity of beautiful breakfast flavours  . . .  of course you could just use bacon,  but I adore the  milder flavour of pancetta . . .

 So what’s the difference between Pancetta and Bacon you ask? To make bacon, pork belly sides are brined and then smoked. Pancetta, the Italian version of bacon, is made by seasoning a pork belly side with salt and lots of pepper, curling it into a tight roll, and wrapping it in a casing to hold the shape. It’s cured, but it isn’t smoked.  Its usually sliced a lot thinner than streaky bacon as well.

I love avocado . . .  its so smooth and rich . . . filled with good fats, and it provides a wonderfully smooth and creamy contrast to the crisp toasted bread and the salty crisp pancetta . . . 

I used cherry vine tomatoes . . . very nice.  They are brushed with orange marmalade and sprinkled with spring onions prior to roasting.  Roasting really brings out the natural sweetness of tomatoes, especially at this time of year when fresh garden tomatoes are not available. 

The marmalade gives them a slightly sweet, yet tangy edge . . .  which goes well with the sharpness of the spring onions.  By all means leave the marmalade out if you wish. 

I used a sliced sour dough bavette for the toast.  Oh, I do so love sour dough bread, don’t you? 

The three flavours all together were completely delightful!  Bright to look at and very fresh tasting! 

We both seriously enjoyed!  I think you will too! 

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Tomato, Avocado & Pancetta on Toast

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These are fabulous.  You get the crisp toast, the creamy and unctuous avocado, the salty pancetta and then the sweet tomatoes.  Altogether a great fit!


6 to 8 rashers of thinly sliced pancetta

12 cherry tomatoes

1 TBS orange marmalade

2 spring onions, finely snipped

1 ripe avocado

2 thick slices of sour dough bavette

butter for spreading.


Pan fry the pancetta until it reaches your desired crispness in a skillet.  Set aside and keep warm.

 the oven to 220*C/425*F/ gas mark 7.  Line a small baking tray with
foil and lay out the tomatoes on the tray.  Brush with the marmalade and
 sprinkle with the spring onions.  Roast in the oven for about 15
minutes.  Thickly slice the avocado.

Toast the
bavette slices and butter.  Lay the pancetta on top and cover with the
sliced avocado and finally the roasted tomatoes.  Serve immediately.
As you are reading this, I will be beginning my one week trial of the new Diet Plan which is coming to the UK from France, called Dietbon!  I am excited to be trying it out.  

A big box with all the meals for six days arrived at the weekend.  There are breakfasts, lunches and dinners for 6 days, plus some herbal teas and even some snacks.  I will keep you posted as to how it’s going!  In the meantime Bon Appetit! 


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